Moataz Shouman’s BIO

Place of birth: Cairo, Egypt
Height: 5’9” / 180 cm
Weight: 178 lbs / 80 kgs
Language: English & Arabic

Moataz is an Egyptian who has moved to Vancouver in 2007 after finishing his degree in Business Administration. From an early age he started to engage in many sports such as swimming, soccer, volleyball and tennis. He loves to stay active and has a true passion for health and fitness

Moataz has certification from American Council on Exercise as a certified personal trainer, junior youth fitness specialist, CPR and first­-aid certified and Dotfit nutrition certified. With over 8 years of experience in fitness and bodybuilding, he developed a passion in helping others to achieve individual fitness goals by focusing on strength training, building lean muscle mass and weight loss.

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“I have been struggling with my weight for the past 15 years. I always felt very low in energy and my belly seems to get bigger. After I met and started training with Moataz I feel like I changed to a new person. He designed a personalized exercise routine and a meal plan for me. Through his constant motivation and pushing I was able to get back on track feeling energized again and lighter after each workout. Within 2 months I have lost 15 pounds and most importantly I feel great about life.”

Carmen Lee

“I have been training with Moataz 3 times a week for over two months now and I love my results! Moataz is a very positive motivator and really pushes me to reach my fitness goals. He keeps the workout routines fun and constantly keeps my form in check. I really appreciate that he took the time to make a plan that I could commit to. I can not be more happy with my decision to train with Moataz.”

Heather J.

“My training experience with Moataz has been awesome so far! He seems to understand intuitively what I need to get to the next level and how to help me achieve it. He pushes me hard but also understands my personal limits and keeping the long term goal at the forefront. He also developed a customized meal plan for me and has offered support and answered my questions all the way. Best of all, I can already feel and see the results. I can’t wait to see where we go from here! ”

Stefanie B.

“Real workout with real results.  In just a couple of weeks I already noticed a huge difference in my energy level and my friends have noticed a change in my body shape as well.  Following Moataz method of weight training and customized meal plans, my strength and endurance have increased tremendously.  Moataz’s professionalism, expertise and commitment to his clients make him stand out above all others. If you are looking for a great trainer who will motivate you to be your best, Moataz will be the right choice”

Mark H.